The Importance of Regular Oil Changes


It’s a priority to keep a vehicle in top working condition. A Valley Ranch oil change is an important step in maintaining a cars peak performance.

Oil breaks down over time and use and loses its ability to properly lubricate the engine. Regular oil changes are a necessary part of vehicle maintenance. Many mechanics disagree on how long one can go between oil changes. However, a good rule of thumb is about every 3,500 miles; although this can differ with newer cars and multi-grade or synthetic types of oil.

Most mechanics will say that a vehicle owner can never change the oil enough. This may be true but can get expensive over the life of a car. It’s best to check the specific owner’s manual and manufacturers recommended oil change frequency. The bottom line is, as the old adage goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A Valley Ranch oil change will typically use multi-grade oil. This type differs tremendously from straight oil. Multi-grade follows the convention of 2 numbers separated by a W. So, for example, oil labeled 10w30 will have a cold operating weight of 10 and a hot operating weight of 30. Straight oil doesn’t change with the temperature. A 30w straight oil will always stay 30w.

The benefit of multigrade oil is pretty obvious. Since it can change its weight, or thickness, at hotter temperatures, it is more capable of sufficiently lubricating the engine parts. There are additives that limit this range so that it stays at an optimal level. This is important, especially in newer cars, because oil viscosity at different temperatures determines how efficiently the engine runs.

Getting a Valley Ranch oil change is an essential part of any vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Many problems, including knocks, pings and engine check lights, can be solved by religiously changing the cars oil at the manufacturer’s recommended mileage.