Symptoms of brake problems are easy for most people to notice if they are paying attention to their vehicles. Brake problems may manifest with sounds, sensations and even smells. Sounds are probably the most common. Squealing, grinding and screeching are common sounds associated with the wearing down of brake pads and shoes. These sounds are often the first indicator that the parts have reached the end of their lifespan. Once these parts start wearing out, they also affect other parts in the brake system. These problems might manifest as vibrations in the steering wheel or brake pedal. It is important to take the vehicle into Valley Ranch Brake Repair as soon as possible when noise and vibrations begin to be noticeable.

Another symptom of brake problems is the sensation of brake pedal travel. This is when the pedal seems to go down to the floor much further than usual without resistance. Often it is accompanied by the car continuing to travel until the pedal reaches the floor. This symptom can be very problematic and can lead to a “no brakes” situation if not promptly investigated.

A burning smell coming from the area around the tires is another dire symptom of brake problems. Similar to pedal travel, it can quickly lead to no brakes. Brake warning lights are important indicators as well. Sometimes this can mean that brake fluid is low, but there might also be an underlying reason for the low fluid. All of these problems warrant a visit to Valley Ranch Brake Repair as soon as possible.

Reduce brake problems by using the brakes less. Slow down by downshifting with a manual or not depressing the gas pedal. Do not overload vehicles, tailgate or drive aggressively. Keep up on brake pad replacement at Valley Ranch Brake Repair so as to preserve rotor life.