Motorists who live in Coppell, Texas are required to have their vehicle inspected once a year. Part of the inspection process includes emissions testing. State inspection Coppell TX stations will not give your vehicle an updated inspection sticker if it fails the emissions test. Here are some of the common causes of a failed emissions test.

Bad Oxygen Sensor
The purpose of an oxygen sensor is to measure the amount of oxygen that is present in the exhaust. Unfortunately, a faulty oxygen sensor can result in a failed emissions test. Typically, a bad oxygen sensor causes the check engine light to become illuminated.

Bad Catalytic Converter
Every vehicle is required to have a properly working catalytic converter. The sole purpose of the catalytic converter is to capture harmful exhaust pollutants before they can enter the atmosphere. Before replacing the catalytic converter, the root cause of its failure will first need to be investigated.

Loose Gas Cap
A loose gas cap can definitely cause your vehicle to fail an emissions test. State inspection Coppell TX stations may simply tighten the gas cap for you. If your gas cap is missing, you will need to purchase a replacement in order to pass the test.

Clogged EGR valve
The job of the EGR valve is to lower the amount of nitrogen oxide that is produced. An EGR valve that is clogged with carbon deposits will not be able to perform as effectively. Although you could purchase a new EGR valve, cleaning your old one is also worth a try.

Incorrect Octane
Contrary to popular belief, premium gas does not burn cleaner than regular gas. State inspection Coppell TX stations advise car owners to use the type of fuel that is recommended by the automaker.