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New Tires

Coppell, TX, Garage for Your New Tires

Tires with sufficient tread are essential for safe motoring. They’re also a legal requirement! If you’ve been putting off purchasing the tires you need due to cost, we can help. We offer some of the best tires in the area, providing branded products at highly competitive prices, as well as a wide range of added value services to transform your tire change customer experience into something special.

Discount Tires from a Knowledgeable Provider

We are tire service specialists that aim to give you far more than simply tires. Our ASE-certified technicians are always pleased to give you the advice and information you need to keep your vehicle in great shape for longer. When it comes to your tires, they recommend:

Check your tire pressures regularly and vary them depending on road conditions and your load.

Check your tires for trapped stones, rips, scrapes or other signs of wear.

Inspect each tire for signs of uneven wear. This can often be a sign that your tires need realignment and remounting. We offer a free alignment test each year for our customers. Just bring your vehicle in and we will check the tires are all positioned as they should be, realigning if necessary.

Check your “wear bars”. These are found on all U.S. tires and run at ninety degrees to the tread pattern. They form part of the pattern, so when they wear it’s easy to see that your tire needs replacing. If the wear bars are worn down, this means your tire is probably below the legal minimum (2/32” in Texas) of tread and needs to be replaced promptly.

Discount Tire Store Near Me with Tread Depth Measuring Information

If you don’t have a tread gauge on hand, why not use a couple of coins to work out the amount of tread you have left? Both quarters and pennies can work. With a penny, if you put it on the tread’s interior and part of Lincoln’s head is covered by the tread, your tires are above the legal minimum. If Lincoln’s head remains uncovered, it’s time to search for a ‘tire shop near my location’ for replacements.


If you place a quarter into several tread grooves across the tire and Washington’s head is covered by the tread you have more than 4/32” of tread depth remaining. If you use the penny again, and looking at the Lincoln Memorial, if the memorial is covered by the tread you have more than 6/32” of tread depth remaining.


For drivers that regularly encounter wet roads, it’s advisable to keep tread above 4/32”, rather than the legal minimum of 2/32”. A slightly larger amount of tread allows the water from the road to escape from beneath the tread, rather than being trapped between the tire and the road surface, creating a liquid layer for your tire to skate about on!

Tires Near My Location in Coppell, TX

When you’re online searching for branded tires near me, at our Coppell garage you can expect far more than competitive prices and great tires. In addition to excellent workmanship and a full suite of vehicle checks, we also offer our customers a number of other benefits, including a FREE vehicle drop-off at home or your work once the tires have been replaced and FREE Wi-Fi should you choose to wait at our garage for your vehicle. Sign up to become a City Garage Preferred Customer and save on your vehicle’s next maintenance, service or repair. If you want to take advantage of everything we have to offer when it comes to your tire replacement, book in using our convenient online system or call us at (972) 304-6206.