Have you ever speculated how many miles your vehicle should be able to go before getting a new car? At Coppell City Garage our City ASE Certified Technicians will keep your car on the road for 150,000 miles.

With a defined plan created by your Coppell City Garage mechanics getting your car to the 150,000-mile marker is easy with your cooperation. To get your car to the 150,000-mile manufacturer’s maintenance goal our Coppell mechanics will provide you with a service plan outlining oil changes, tires rotations, updates to your fuel system and ways to keep your belts and hoses in mint condition.

You can compare this to your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance guide, but be aware that the vehicle manufacturer is concerned about your maintenance schedule as long as you are under warranty. When the warranty period expires the manufacturers hope that you will trade in your car for a new one as soon as possible. They are no longer interested in your car, truck or SUV lasting for 150,000 miles; they want to have you purchase a new car.

Your Coppell City Garage offers $25 off any maintenance totaling over $200. By following the plan created by your Coppell ASE Certified Technicians you will be able to achieve the 150,000-mile milestone. You can easily make an appointment online by filling out the contact form. All locations offer free WiFi for customer convenience. Alternatively, you can drop your car off and have one of our Coppell mechanics bring it to your home or office when service is complete.