Brake Repair

Brake Repair

Brake repair in Coppell TX

Are your car’s brakes not working as well as they should? Like every other part of your vehicle, your cars brakes need regular maintenance and occasional repairs. The pads wear out, fluids need to be changed, and major parts need to be checked to make sure that they are in working order. You car will give you signs that it’s time to look into brake repair in Coppell TX:

The brake light on your dash glows red or amber.

You hear grinding or squealing when you brake.

When you hit the brakes, your car is slow to respond.

Small problems that are inexpensive and quick to remedy can become big problems if they are not handled quickly. As soon as you think that your car might need brake repairs, make an appointment for us to examine your car’s braking system.


Your car is in good hands when you go to City Garage brake repair in Coppell TX.


At City Garage, our skilled technicians can take care of every part of your car’s braking system, from the master cylinder to the pads and anti-lock sensors. Trust us for brake repair in Coppell TX.