Is your battery giving you trouble, or has it given you trouble in the past? Despite the whole host of other problems that could look like the battery but really have to do with something different altogether, it’s important to know that City Garage Coppell is not only capable, but offering replacements for your battery with a $10 coupon.

Many times, people will be negligent and in some places, the car battery is one of the most ignored parts of the vehicle. Most people only open up the hood if there’s something wrong, but we suggest that you take a different approach. You’ve got to get to know the vehicle you’re driving, and part of that process is being able to identify the problems your vehicle may experience over the course of the years.

Changing a battery yourself can be dangerous, depending on the situation, and we suggest you follow the example of every professional battery replacement specialist here at City Garage Coppell and wear safety gloves and goggles before ever attempting to do it yourself. There is some explosive risk, and an order of operations that all need to be taken into account before replacement can be performed. If you need help, the professionals at City Garage Coppell are more than willing to use the professional expertise of our ASE certified mechanics to give you a quality replacement. City Garage Coppell offers the ability to make an appointment either by phone or online, and we offer free Wi-Fi to make your visit more enjoyable and/or productive. Give City Garage Coppell a call today!