One of the most important parts of an engine is the ECU, the Engine Control Unit. When you turn on your engine, your ECU gives signals to the computer that allow it to adjust to temperature and other circumstances surrounding the vehicle. This unit is extremely important, and to have it functioning improperly is both dangerous and unwise.

Your automobile smart sensors are there to assist the engine in gathering data to provide the ECU with the information that is needed. A smart sensor is the most popular method of keeping your vehicle up to date on what is going on inside of it, and the professionals at City Garage Coppell are some of the best in the field of keeping your ECU running at optimum efficiency. City Garage Coppell is ready, willing, and able to assist you in getting your car running at its best. We are ASE certified and accommodating to your schedule. Give us a call today!

At Coppell City Garage our cost for computer diagnostics starts off at a value of $97. Stop by your Coppell City Garage auto repair location and let us update your computer diagnostics. You can make an appointment here online, or over the phone, all at your own convenience. Every City Garage location including Coppell offer free Wi-Fi to keep you productive, or keep you entertained. We also offer drop off services, so when we are finished with the repair, we can drop it off at your home or office if you want. Call us today!